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January 2017


What’s in a (coffee) Name? | Seattle Cafe Culture

Menu from Ghost Note Coffee in Seattle, WA.

A menu from Ghost Note Coffee in Seattle, WA.

Remember how cool it was to call a shot ristretto? As both a customer and barista, I love to evoke the romantic history of espresso’s Italian origins. Illy, Gaggia, Faema; some of the biggest names in the game come straight from Italy, and who am I to say that isn’t a good thing?

So I’ll say it: using ristretto and lungo is a good thing; but it might not be in every situation. Sometimes it can be dangerous to use ristretto and lungo. In short, they have the ability to preclude the nuance and flexibility for a coffee to express itself. Let me explain.

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An Introduction

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my new site for all things coffee thoughts, reviews, and experiences. I hope you’ll find something interesting here, regardless of your place within the coffee sphere.

For me, this site is a direct response to my peers’ sharing of interesting stories. There have been so many times I wanted to capture these tales and keep them from disappearing, eager to share with a bigger audience.

Though the content will most often derive from myself and my personal opinion, I hope to reconnect with friends to share their stories in meaningful ways for the readers of this site. I find it fascinating to see how people and the industry evolve one another, and here will exist a chronicle of that journey.